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Solved by, sohail, Aug 14, 2015.Q: Stripe Connect Subscription Charge Plan values I am new to Stripe Connect and I am trying to integrate with their sample Java API and ChargePlan object. I am trying to charge a customer for a month and I am able to charge successfully but the charge plan charged to this customer is month in the beginning and I am getting the full months in return even though I am passing only two days. Here is what I am doing: ChargePlans.all().charge( "card-xxxxxxxxx", amount: 1, currency: "usd", amount_to_charge: "1.0", amount_to_charge_period: "2.0", amount_to_charge_frequency: "2.0", charge_period_start: "2014-12-31", charge_period_end: "2015-01-01", charge_frequency_interval: "1.0", charge_frequency_period: "1.0", card:, stripe_account: Stripe::Account.create( external_account: "exsanguinate-prod-uat" ) ) I am getting charges with charge plan A: I have found the answer to my question. As Stripe connect charges based on the number of days it is just like Stripe classic charges. amount_to_charge_period: "1.0",





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