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Going to college


Why You Should Go, Where You Should Go, and How To Decide

This three-part video delivers information and advice about: deciding to go to college, how to get in to college, and tips on choosing a college.  Sponsored by LGHS Home & School Club, this outstanding speaker graduated from a nearby high school and went on to work for years in UC college admissions.

Highly recommended for students and parents alike!

Creativity in a technical world

Industrial Design

This fascinating video by Jonathan Biddle, an Industrial Design Senior Manager at Amazon, gives an overview of industrial design, what it does, and why it matters.

You'll learn about:

- What is industrial design?

- How can Design Thinking help solve big problems?

- What career paths exist for creative people?

Part 1: Why Go To College

Part 1 - Why go to college

Part 1 - Why go to college

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Part 2: Pathways to get in to college